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video & Design



Whether you want something for web, social media or print, we'll help you get results



' We create beautiful visual content for moving or still images '  


We are Noble and we specialise in creative commercial photography, video and design for businesses and agencies. The concept, design and styling is what we do brilliantly. No brief is too big or too small, for example we can coordinate two week long shoots in South Africa or shoot a simple product shot in the studio. We create exceptional imagery combined with an understanding of your brand; we can develop a photographic style that will suit you and strengthen your brand.  

Based on the south coast we are in an ideal location surrounded by beautiful beaches and countryside and no distance from the capital.

Noble is a team that deliver great work honestly, we won’t baffle you with marketing jargon, we know it, we just don’t need to talk it! If you want photography that incorporates styling and design then we want to work with you.


Did you know?.....

We now also offer a photographer and stylist as a package deal at a discounted rate, or you can book a photographer or a stylist separately.

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Who We work with

We work with a wide range of different clients ranging from business starts up, other creative agencies, multi country ecommerce sites and the largest brewery in Europe