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set Photography

A set can be created in the studio or on location, whichever suits your brief. We design the environment that your products are in, whether its a kitchen, bathroom or shop interior. You supply the product and we do the rest. We will design and draw up the set as part of the process of our set design and then put our set builders to work once you are happy with the design and materials.


The design process

We start with the product (or products) and visualise what kind of set would suit the product. We then research materials and ideas. Then we draw up the final ideas with samples of the flooring, colour of walls and suggested props. The drawing is then approved by you the client and we can then go ahead and purchase materials and build the set. Below is a sample of the sketch's that were drawn up before these sets were built, they are quick drawings but it is important to be able to visualise the end result.


Have you got products that need photographing in a set? 

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