' Online video in the next two years will be 80% of all global internet traffic '

A show reel of Noble Studios video, a mixture of drone landscapes, lifestyle, product and drinks.

' If you are looking to stand out on social media, animated video posts provoke the best engagement rate '


Online video in the next two years will be 80% of all global internet traffic. It is fast becoming the most popular format of content on social media for advertising, information and entertainment. Video is now used for most online platforms and still imagery is being replaced more and more with moving imagery. Whether it be a promotional lifestyle video to communicate brand awareness, a product video or perhaps a ‘how to’,  we all go online and see videos like this. The video sector is growing at an extremely fast rate and can be a very useful marketing strategy for a business.  


Animated video on social media

If you are looking to stand out on social media, animated video posts provoke the best engagement rate (likes, followers, re-sharing etc.) and customer response.

By animating text and images, moving image has exploded on social media with brands posting a huge amount of new content every day. This frequent interaction with the audience drives consumer loyalty and continued interest. 


6 ways to use a moving image

There are 5 most popular ways of creating moving image within websites and social media and at Noble Studios we can create them all. Here are the 5 below:


1. Motion Graphics

1. Motion Graphics

1. Motion Graphics - Animated graphics where the text or graphic images move. Usually designed in a software called After Effects which is used to create CGI. Motion Graphics can also be used in combination with video footage so titles and graphics move with the video.



2. Stop Frame Animation




2. Stop Motion -Stop frame animation has been around for years and is the original way of animating. A sequence of still images with small movements put together to create a moving image. 





3. GIF -Stands for 'Graphics Interchange Format'. Most people are now familiar with the phrase Gif, a short video clip on a loop with no sound.





4. Cinemagraph




4. Cinemagraph - A Cinemagraph is a still image which seems frozen, but one small part of the image is selected and moves. These are becoming more popular within social media advertising.






5. Video

5. Video - This is the more detailed of all the styles of moving image, these tend to be longer in length, more informative and maybe even narrated. Various filmed footage is edited together with a soundtrack and titles.




6. Timelapse

6. Timelapse - Timelapse videos are normally associated with sunrises or sunsets, a sequence of still frames put together to speed up a period of time. 





we create all this 

We have a design department that can storyboard your video. Our photographic background helps us understand great lighting which we apply to our videography creating a combination of exceptional imagery and narrative. We can create short videos for social media like GIFs, motion graphics, stop frame animation & cinemagraphs or a more in-depth video. We can turnaround a video in a matter of days with footage, voiceovers, music and beautifully edited with graphics. We can cover a broad range of styles across all media platforms catering for any video you want to create.


Our Video kit

We have an extensive range of video equipment and several different video cameras, including the Lumix GH5 which films in 4K enabling use for high quality slow motion. We have the Drone Phantom to achieve great ariel location shots, the footage can be viewed as you take it, creating overhead or sweeping landscape shots. We also have the latest in camera stabilisation, for professional handheld shots we have a hydraulic powered gimbal, which gives fluid and contemporary footage, a much more modern look to the old fashioned static tripod video. We also have a mini handheld video camera the DJI Osmo, handy for attaching to vehicles or small spaces, to get in even closer to your subject.



DJI Osmo

This bit of kit is a great little handheld camera, great for getting speedy footage or needing to film in small or busy places. This camera is our go to for events and attaching to cars, bikes etc...

DJI Drone

For amazing aerial still shots and video footage, the Drone gives you great ariel location shots, to achieve never seen before shots (without the use of a helicopter!).



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